Information for speakers

Speaking time

Speaking time for the short presentation will be 8 minutes plus 2 minutes of discussion. If the presentation will take longer than the given time discussion will be cancelled.
To all speakers: Please take a seat in the front row at the beginning of the session.

Picture projection (Kopie aus IFDAS)

Presentations must be provided in a version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Please ensure your PowerPoint Presentations are in 16:9 or 4:3.
Speakers are advised to bring their presentation on CD-Rom or USB Memory Stick. Should your presentation be in MAC format, it is imperative that this be converted to PC format prior to arrival at the conference.

If your presentation includes movies or animations please make sure to bring them with you to the speaker ready room for uploading, even if you chose to “embed” your media files.

The use of own laptop is not advised.
For questions and special requirements, please contact boeld communication:
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Notes about poster presentation

The poster presentation will take place in the lobby in front of room 3 (exhibition). Posters can be placed on the provided partition screens from 7:30am on Thursday the 2nd of June. The number from the program will be noted on the screen. Posters can be up to 80cm wide and 150cm long.
All posters have to be put up until 9:00am on Thursday. From 4:30pm on Friday 3rd all posters can be removed again.
Speaking time for a short presentation will be 2 minutes with a maximum of 2 PowerPoint slides. Speakers are advised to bring their presentation on CD-Rom or USB Memory Stick 45 minutes prior to the session where it can be tested if everything is working. Please also remember the guidelines for the picture projection above.
The authors will be asked to be present afterwards for any further discussion. Please see the times in the program.
The award ceremony for the poster presentation will be on Thursday 2nd during the opening night.
The posters are to be removed by no later than 3:00pm on Saturday 4th.
After this all the screens will be dismantled. Left behind poster cannot be forwarded.

Furthermore you have the possibility to publish your poster in the "International Poster Journal (IPJ)".

For this to happen please upload your poster on the International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine (IPJ) until May 18th.
Please use the keyword "DGMKG"

Please use the following link: